Monday, May 23, 2011

Impact Dialing wins Lean Startup Challenge!

[Update: we're on VentureBeat!]

A couple months ago, I wrote a blog post about how Impact Dialing uses a "lean" approach to its software development. The post was an entry in a contest to get investment funding that would help grow our business. To my surprise, we won! A few weeks after writing the post, I got an email from Pivotal Labs, a company that helps startups build better software, asking if we were still interested in the funding. Pivotal really liked the way we were building our company and our software, and told me they wanted to help incubate Impact Dialing by providing a desk in their office (we currently work from home) and help hiring another developer (by the way, we're hiring). Next, I talked to the Band of Angels, Silicon Valley's oldest seed funding organization. They too were excited about Impact Dialing's approach and product, and offered to invest in the company. I'm excited to announce that we've taken up Pivotal and the Band on their offers. The most immediate results of their help is that we've just launched a beautiful new website. Make sure to follow this blog (or our Twitter or Facebook) to get updates on what we do next!